Successful settlement between client and insurance company

Attorney-at-law Armand Rasa, a partner at the Law Office “Rasa & Esenvalds”, has succeeded in eliminating an injustice to a client in a dispute with an insurance company about the amount of insurance indemnity.

This summer, a lightning strike caused damage to expensive electronic equipment owned by our client’s company. Although the insurance company initially refused to pay the client the insurance indemnity it had claimed for all damages, the legal assistance provided by Armands Rasa quickly resulted in a settlement between the client and the insurance company on a reasonable amount of indemnity, avoiding long and complex litigation. In such situations, a quick and successful solution can be crucial to the existence of a company, enabling the company to resume operations as soon as possible, avoiding major financial losses.

Completion of the liquidation process of one of the oldest electro-construction companies in Latvia

Law office “Rasa and Esenvalds” has completed a complicated voluntary liquidation process for one of the oldest and most sustainable electro-construction companies in Latvia.

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Overcoming obstacles to business growth

One of the specialties of the law office “Rasa and Esenvalds” is to help perspective companies to overcome obstacles to their further development. We have completed a project that will help our client to become one of the biggest players in the field of household services in Latvia. Read more

Talented professionals of the rising generation

The Law Office Rasa & Ešenvalds has been formed by the joint efforts of two talented, committed and determined lawyers of the next generation, Armands Rasa and Jānis Ešenvalds.

Both of attorneys gained extensive and comprehensive professional experience while working for leading law offices in Latvia until they decided to establish their own practice.

The Law Offices Rasa & Ešenvalds offers the provision of high quality legal services in court proceedings in Latvia as well as in international arbitrations and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

True success can only be made possible by going beyond that which is required; always striving to achieve the best result possible, regardless of the degree of complexity of the matter.

Our experience shows that the small details are quite often of decisive importance in judicial proceedings; this is why careful consideration of the facts and circumstances of the case along with rigorous analysis of proceedings of a similar nature are especially important.

Proactive dynamism, selfless commitment and a personal approach to each customer are the formulae for success at the Law Offices Rasa & Ešenvalds.

The Law Office Rasa & Ešenvalds is a member of the Latvian Association of Young Lawyers, the Association of Certified Administrators of Insolvency Proceedings, and the Bar of Latvia as well as the international organisations Global International Network, International Referral Group and INSOL Europe, offering representation of the customer’s interests in courts, with the provision of legal assistance in the following areas:

  • commercial law,
  • company restructuring processes,
  • insolvency, extra-judicial legal protection proceedings and legal protection proceedings,
  • rights in personam,
  • rights in rem,
  • labour law,
  • other type of legal assistance (residential permits, vessel arrests, protection of intellectual property, protection of honour and dignity).

Twofold benefit

We are quite sure that working with double commitment is the key to success rather than “resting on one’s laurels”. By choosing the Law Offices Rasa & Ešenvalds you will get a selfless commitment and legal representation appropriate to your needs and more. An additional bonus you can count on is a healthy dose of sparkling youthful energy in the air of our offices.

Tailored approach

The operation of the Law Offices Rasa & Ešenvalds is based on a personal approach to each customer and a thorough investigation of the existing situation. Our experience shows that even minor details, such as an incorrectly formulated sentence in the statement of claim, may be of decisive importance in legal proceedings; therefore a meticulous investigation of all the facts and circumstances of the matter and the case study are crucial at the pre-trial stage. The perfect performance of any task in the first instance is the axiom of our offices.

Lawyers with rich experience in litigation

The core of the Law Office Rasa & Ešenvalds is formed by two young and eager latvian lawyers, who are professionals in their field, Armands Rasa and Jānis Ešenvalds, who have especially specialised in litigation and insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy).


Attorney at Law Jānis Ešenvalds

Attorney at Law Armands Rasa


Attorney at Law Liene Pommere


Associate Anete Bože

Associate Rihards Kalveršs

Associate Anatolijs Trocenko

Associate Krista Gailīte


Legal assistant Elvita Kravale

Legal assistant Santa Kokina


Project Manager Zane Laure-Ešenvalde

Membership of the attorneys in organisations at a Latvian and international level

Membership of the Attorneys-at-Law in various organisations uniting lawyers in Latvia, Europe and all over the world confirms that the representatives of the law office are publically active, interested in the latest state of affairs in the field and are prepared to protect its interests. Partners of the Law Offices Rasa & Ešenvalds are members of several non-governmental organisations on a local and international scale that are related to the performance of the duties of the attorneys and administrators.

The Bar of Latvia


The Bar of Latvia has been uniting attorneys and assistant attorneys practicing in Latvia since 1921. Jānis Ešenvalds, Partner of the Law Offices Rasa & Ešenvalds, was admitted into the Bar on 5 December 2006, and the Partner Armands Rasa was admitted into the Bar on 20 November 2007.

Association of Certified Administrators of Insolvency Proceedings


The Association of Administrators was established on 14 March 2003 for the purpose of pursuing the professional interests of administrators, improving their qualifications, and assessing their professional compliance. Armands Rasa became a member of the Association on 11 September 2009. He has been elected as a member of the Financial and Legal Act Drafting Commission. In turn, Jānis Ešenvalds is providing assistance to the Association in issues related to cross-border insolvency proceedings.

Latvian Association of Young Lawyers (LAYL)


The Latvian Association of Young Lawyers is a neutral and politically independent society that unites young lawyers practicing in Latvia; it was established in 2007. The goal of the Association is to develop, strengthen and promote mutual understanding, cooperation and personal contacts between young lawyers from different countries. Armands Rasa has been elected Chairman of the Board of LAYL since 2010.

INSOL Europe


INSOL Europe unites specialists in the field of insolvency. Jānis Ešenvalds was admitted into INSOL Europe in July 2011, though he had already been attending seminars organised by the relevant organisation and its cooperation entities and delivering speeches prior to this even.

Globalserve International Network (GIN)


An international network comprised of lawyers, attorneys, tax consultants, accountants, investment advisors and business consultants that pursues the goal of improving the knowledge of the above professionals on topical tax law matters. Armands Rasa was admitted to the above organisation in July 2011.

International Referral


One of the largest networks of the leading lawyers, tax consultants, accountants, financial investment advisors of the world that includes more than 700 specialists from more than 130 countries; in mutual cooperation they ensure high class services in the international environment.

The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a voluntary, politically independent association uniting micro, small and medium size enterprises, as well as large-sized companies from all regions and economic sectors of Latvia.

The Law Office “Rasa & Ešenvalds” represents customers’ interests in various areas, thus, being a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it contributes to the development of business and entrepreneurship environment in Latvia.

Legal services

Legal services

Lawyers in Riga, Latvia

Latvian Law Firm Rasa & Ešenvalds provides representation and consulting for individuals and legal entities by ensuring a wide range of legal services to its customers: the provision of consultations, drafting and supervision of documents and agreements as well as representation in court institutions.

To make sure that the Law Firm Rasa & Ešenvalds is able to assist you in precisely the issue you are interested in, please choose one of the sections offered below that explain the fields of activity of the offices in a structured form.

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Representation of the patient’s rights in courts

It is not always possible to resolve conflict situations by mutual agreement of the involved parties; therefore, our law offices ensure quality and timely legal assistance in various forms of court proceedings and effective representation of the patient rights in Latvian courts, international arbitrations and also in the Court of Justice of the European Union.
We specialise in:

  • Commercial disputes;
  • Disputes involving rights in rem;
  • Disputes regarding rights in personam;
  • Events of insurance disputes;
  • Labour dispute cases;
  • Disputes in insolvency proceedings;
  • Vessel arrest and maritime claims;
  • Tax disputes;
  • Public procurement issues.

Litigation, for the most part, is a long-lasting and exhaustive process, the successful outcome of which is determined by tactics that have been correctly chosen right from the start; and therefore, we offer a tailored approach to each patient to be able to ensure the careful and effective protection of its interests.

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Legal assistance in commercial law issues

When commencing and conducting commercial activities, every entrepreneur has to settle a number of legal formalities that are often very time consuming, requiring other resources. Any mistake can result in significant costs to your business, therefore, we are prepared to provide highly qualified legal advice in order to help you understand the provisions of the commercial law binding upon your business, and to settle all the required legal formalities.

We offer:

  • registration of merchants and amendment of the register entries;
  • obtaining special permits (licenses) required for commercial activity;
  • registration with any special registers;
  • certification and resolving of other matters related to the economic activities of legal entities;
  • drafting of all types of agreements;
  • services to investors;
  • drafting of the initial public offering (IPO);
  • mergers & acquisitions (M&A);
  • due diligence;
  • transactions in shares: how to acquire such, structure the transactions and manage them;
  • consulting on the compliance with and adherence to the requirements regarding money laundering and the prevention of terrorism;
  • consulting private individuals and legal entities on insolvency-related matters, legal protection proceedings and extra-judicial legal protection proceedings, and on the recovery of debts.

Cooperation with the Latvian Law Office Rasa & Ešenvalds is especially advisable to those businesses that do not have their own lawyer, but want to stay up to date on the current state of affairs of commercial law issues and to work in compliance with the requirements of laws and regulations in Latvia.

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Legal assistance in the company restructuring processes

For the sake of making the business more effective, it is sometimes necessary to introduce fundamental changes:

  • to change the form and structure of the business;
  • to divide the company or to separate any part of it, or to merge with another company;
  • to establish a new merchant by joining several companies;
  • to change the owner or management of the company.

All of this is possible by performing the required legal procedures. Our law office will assist in implementing the required changes professionally, thus saving your money and time, not only through performing formal technical activities, but also by providing advice and suggestions as to the merits of any course of action, so the result desired by the client is attained.

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Legal assistance in insolvency, extrajudicial legal protection and legal protection proceedings

There is no reliable way of safeguarding oneself or the company against a global or local financial crisis and also other unpredictable or predictable however unavoidable circumstances, that may lead to a state of insolvency, bankruptcy.

Insolvency proceedings in Latvia are a set of measures allowing a bad run in life or business to be put to bed and started over again. It is important for both the creditors and the debtors that the insolvency proceedings are conducted quickly, efficiently and without error.

To attain this, the best solution is to utilize a knowledgeable expert having vast experience in the administration of the insolvency processes.

At the moment that the performance indicators of the company or other circumstances signal forthcoming financial difficulties and possible insolvency, it is high time to consider using the advantages offered by the legal protection process. It gives the possibility to protect the company from interference by creditors that may lead to negative consequences for future business activities, or even completely paralyze such.

The legal protection process and the extrajudicial legal protection process in Latvia will help in the case of short-term financial difficulties, if the businessman is fully aware of their reasons and has a plan to overcome them. In turn, it is important for the creditors to be sure that the debtor will not use the legal protection process maliciously and that the debtor’s intention is to ensure the fullfilment of obligations to the maximum possible extent in good faith, and to continue economic activity.

Latvian business lawyers Rasa & Ešenvalds have accumulated considerable experience in developing the plans for legal protection processes and extrajudicial legal protection processes as well as in their administration, performance monitoring and analysis as requested by the creditors. The partners of the office have also administered a significant number of insolvency proceedings as certified administrators by implementing all types of insolvency procedure methods: rehabilitation, amicable settlement and bankruptcy proceedings.

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Legal assistance in rights in personam

Whenever obligations are assumed, it is crucial to ensure that the conditions of the deal are clearly defined, and to take care that the other party will not be able to raise unjustified claims at a later stage. Our attorneys at Law provide professional legal assistance in the drafting of various agreements:

  • Donation agreements;
  • Purchase agreements;
  • Rent and lease agreements;
  • Exchange agreements;
  • Loan agreements;
  • Other complicated agreements and their combinations.

Each contract agreement is drafted to fully incorporate the wishes of the parties to the transaction in a single or in multiple transaction deeds.

Attorneys at law Rasa & Ešenvalds also implements the activities aimed at compensation of damages caused, indemnification and the handling of other claims arising from the civil liability of persons in Latvia.

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Legal assistance in rights in rem

In situations when important and valuable items are acquired, people want to be sure that the transaction will be fair and that the best interests of both parties are taken into account.

Latvian lawyers Rasa & Ešenvalds is prepared to defend your interests in the process of transacting various deals, in the events of restitution of title and the contesting of effected deals, and to ensure rights are respected in transactions involving a change of title, establishing restrictions/easements, property ownership, pledge, business ownership and partnership, other transactions in Latvia.

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Legal assistance in the field of labor law

Employees are without doubt a highly valuable resource of any company. Mutually beneficial relations with the employees are crucial to the effectiveness and success of a company.

To help you in avoiding conflict situations in the future, the attorneys of our Law Office Rasa & Ešenvalds are prepared to assist you in the professional drafting of employment agreements, internal procedure regulations as well as in preparing other documentation related to human resource management.

Even if you are facing a conflict situation or discrimination situation, dismissal that involves issues of labour law, we can offer representation of the patient’s interests in court in both individual and collective labor disputes.

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Constant and continued legal services to businesses

The provision of continued legal services for a fixed monthly fee, providing the company with the required planning and implementation in order to offer the highest class of legal solutions in Latvia, including, but not limited to:

  • daily legal aid, advice;
  • legal provision for all types of transactions, drafting of agreements;
  • legal correspondence with cooperation partners and governmental authorities;
  • litigation, representation of interests in governmental and municipal institutions, courts and in relations; with other persons;
  • working with debtors, ensuring recovery;
  • making changes in the Commercial Register;
  • drafting documents related to establishing, amending or terminating legal employment relations.

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Other types of legal assistance

We may also assist with legal services in such issues as:

  • construction;
  • maritime law and vessel arrest;
  • residence permits;
  • legal opinions;
  • public procurement disputes;
  • acquisition of property, including from public entities (governmental or municipal);
  • consumer rights;
  • intellectual property rights as well as in solving issues related to honour and dignity and freedom of speech.

The Law Office of Rasa & Ešenvalds is characterised by a tailored, individualised approach to each client, therefore, even if you are not completely sure of the way in which we will be able to help you exactly, please contact our lawyers so that we may explore and investigate your situation thoroughly. In the event of necessity we provide operative assistance in resolving a plethora of crisis situations.

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How to Form a Visa in Latvia

In recent years, travelling and residing in Latvia has become popular not only for European Union citizens, but also for citizens from other countries. There may be different reasons for travelling and residing e.g., visiting family, business and employment, diplomatic reasons, etc.

Latvia is a member state of Schengen area. According to European Union and Latvian law, it is possible for foreigners (non-European Union citizens) to obtain Short-term visa (C visa), Airport transit visa (A visa) or national(long-stay) visa (D visa) in order to enter and stay in Latvia. A person may reside in Latvia with a visa up to 90 days in 180 day-period, in exceptional cases, even longer. In the European Union and Latvia, there are strictimmigration policies, therefore there is established a certain procedure for forming each visa.

The Law Office Rasa & Esenvalds has prepared a presentation about visa forming procedure in Latvia. The presentation briefly explains the process of forming the visa in order to stay or reside in Latvia. If you require any consultations about forming a visa in Latvia or any other legal issue or if you need any assistance in the visa forming procedure, feel free to contact us (e-mail, tel. +371 67280685).

How to obtain a Residence Permit in Latvia

In recent years, residing in Latvia has become popular not only for European Union citizens, but also for citizens from other countries. If a foreigner (a non-EU citizen) wants to reside in Latvia for more than 90 days in 180 day-period, it is necessary to obtain a residence permit. The most common grounds on which a residence permit may be obtained are purchase of a real estate, investment in a capital company in Latvia, being a member of the board or being an executive of a Latvian Limited Liability Company, family unification, or employment relationship.

The Law Office Rasa & Esenvalds has prepared a presentation about Residence Permit procedure in Latvia. The presentation briefly explains the process of obtaining the residence permit on different grounds in Latvia.

If you require any consultations about obtaining a residence permit in Latvia or any other legal issue or if you need any assistance in the residence permit procedure, feel free to contact us (e-mail, tel. +371 67280685).


How to Establish a Limited Liability Company in Latvia

Business opportunities in Latvia and Latvia’s geographical position constantly attracts foreign businesses and lately this interest has only increased. Since foreign investors more frequently seek for an advice about starting a business in Latvia, the law office Rasa & Esenvalds has prepared a presentation How to establish a limited liability company in Latvia. This presentation briefly explains the process of establishing a limited liability company which is the most popular type of business in Latvia.

If you require any consultations about starting business in Latvia or any other legal issue or if you need any assistance in the process of establishing a company, feel free to contact us – (e-mail, tel. +371 67280685).


Our law office are subject to continuous improvement and development, and therefore, even though there are no vacancies to fill in our offices at the present moment, a CV and motivation letter is warmly welcome from each and every communicable, creative individual with professional potential who seeks to join our lawyer’s team. Special appreciation will be given to completed education in law, good knowledge of Latvian, English and Russian, and previous work experience of our potential team members in the field of law.

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