Law Office

Talented professionals of the rising generation

The Law Office Rasa & Ešenvalds has been formed by the joint efforts of two talented, committed and determined lawyers of the next generation, Armands Rasa and Jānis Ešenvalds.

Both of attorneys gained extensive and comprehensive professional experience while working for leading law offices in Latvia until they decided to establish their own practice.

The Law Offices Rasa & Ešenvalds offers the provision of high quality legal services in court proceedings in Latvia as well as in international arbitrations and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

True success can only be made possible by going beyond that which is required; always striving to achieve the best result possible, regardless of the degree of complexity of the matter.

Our experience shows that the small details are quite often of decisive importance in judicial proceedings; this is why careful consideration of the facts and circumstances of the case along with rigorous analysis of proceedings of a similar nature are especially important.

Proactive dynamism, selfless commitment and a personal approach to each customer are the formulae for success at the Law Offices Rasa & Ešenvalds.

The Law Office Rasa & Ešenvalds is a member of the Latvian Association of Young Lawyers, the Association of Certified Administrators of Insolvency Proceedings, and the Bar of Latvia as well as the international organisations Global International Network, International Referral Group and INSOL Europe, offering representation of the customer’s interests in courts, with the provision of legal assistance in the following areas:

  • commercial law,
  • company restructuring processes,
  • insolvency, extra-judicial legal protection proceedings and legal protection proceedings,
  • rights in personam,
  • rights in rem,
  • labour law,
  • other type of legal assistance (residential permits, vessel arrests, protection of intellectual property, protection of honour and dignity).

Twofold benefit

We are quite sure that working with double commitment is the key to success rather than “resting on one’s laurels”. By choosing the Law Offices Rasa & Ešenvalds you will get a selfless commitment and legal representation appropriate to your needs and more. An additional bonus you can count on is a healthy dose of sparkling youthful energy in the air of our offices.

Tailored approach

The operation of the Law Offices Rasa & Ešenvalds is based on a personal approach to each customer and a thorough investigation of the existing situation. Our experience shows that even minor details, such as an incorrectly formulated sentence in the statement of claim, may be of decisive importance in legal proceedings; therefore a meticulous investigation of all the facts and circumstances of the matter and the case study are crucial at the pre-trial stage. The perfect performance of any task in the first instance is the axiom of our offices.