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Lawyers in Riga – Armands Rasa and Jānis Ešenvalds

Advocates in Latvia, Armands Rasa and Jānis Ešenvalds, are the team of the Law Office Rasa & Ešenvalds, which offers a wide range of legal services to support the private and public sector in close cooperation with audit, tax and business advisory services. Work of the Law Office Rasa & Ešenvalds is based on a professional and personal approach to each customer and a thorough investigation of the existing situation. The perfect performance of any task in the first instance is the axiom of our offices.

The Law Office has been founded several years ago by two ambitious, talented and determined lawyers, Armands Rasa and Jānis Ešenvalds. Highly qualified Latvian lawyers combine legal experience with a practical business approach based on our international experience. Proactive dynamism, selfless commitment and a personal approach to each customer are the formula for success at the Law Office Rasa & Ešenvalds.

The Law Office Rasa & Ešenvalds is a member of:

The Latvian Association of Young Lawyers,
The Association of Certified Administrators of Insolvency Proceedings,
The Bar
Global International Network,
International Referral Group and INSOL Europe

We are quite sure that working with double commitment is the key to success rather than “resting on one’s laurels”! Our highly qualified lawyers in Riga have gained extensive and comprehensive professional experience while working for leading law offices in Latvia until they decided to establish their own practice. Choose law office Rasa & Ešenvalds and you will find all the answers to your questions and much more! We suggest you to never leave a problem but seek for advice early on, it could save you considerable expense and distress later.

Business situation in a changing Latvian economy

The economic situation in Latvia is very unstable, each year changes the tax system and other relevant factors that may affect the business and everyday life of the company. Critical reflection and decision-making time are usually during the economic crisis, but the situation tends to be different, even regardless of the economic situation affecting of circumstances. The unstable economic situation, which changes each year, does not allow entrepreneurs to relax for a while. For many companies funding is not available to ensure capable of functioning, while for the other companies concluded agreements and commitments will expire in the near future. The company’s management has to be vigilant and has to see signals that indicate the need for restructuring of the company.

A very important factor is investor attention has increased, then management has to think about the company’s restructuring. If a company has overcome the crisis, it is believed to think that the company is perspective, it is worth saving, and it is able to exist. For each restructuring necessary to develop a plan. If the company is a debtor, then it needs legal assistance for the preparation of debt restructuring proposals. The whole proposal is based on a business plan that can be necessary to recycle.

Business plan changes must be such that the debtor actually could implement, able to increase cash flow. There are many processes that in the business plan can be changed, for example, change of ownership or management, sale assets or merger companies. The contest of the restructuring plan, is not adjustable in the law, but the adoption of legal aid can contribute substantially to understand why creditors could not support the plan. Legal assistance in the processes of company restructuring is not only a proposal for a possible expression of the best action, but rather to assist in negotiations with creditors, to defend the client and try to reach a formal agreement between credit institutions. The company’s management must understand that their financial problems need to tackle in a timely manner, and not expect the moment when having to resort to any straws to keep your business operations.

The law office Rasa & Ešenvalds

As our client, you will be guaranteed unmatched service and commitment as well as access to our full service including client/attorney partnership. By choosing the Law Office Rasa & Esenvalds and lawyers in Latvia, you will get a selfless commitment and legal representation appropriate to your needs and more. Our understanding of our customers needs for legal advice and our integrity, quality, responsibility and friendliness form the grounds of our business. As a modern dynamic law firm, lawyers are ready to do things a bit differently for the benefit of clients.

Our experience shows that careful consideration of the facts and circumstances of the case along with a rigorous analysis of proceedings of a similar nature are especially important! The combination of knowledgeable people on the legal area, for example, litigator in Latvia, means that client can expect a tailored team, providing you with know-how, innovative thinking and a solution to almost any legal issue.

Law office Rasa & Ešenvalds represent the customer’s interests in courts, with the provision of legal assistance in the following areas:

commercial law,
company restructuring processes,
insolvency, extra-judicial legal protection proceedings and legal protection proceedings,
rights in personam,
rights in rem,
labour law,
other type of legal assistance (residential permits, vessel arrests, protection of intellectual property, protection of honour and dignity).

To make sure that the Law office Rasa & Ešenvalds is able to assist you in precisely the issue you are interested in, please contact us!

True success can only be made possible by going beyond that which is required; always striving to achieve the best result possible, regardless of the degree of complexity of the matter.