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legal services latvia

Legal services for individuals and business in Latvia

Legal services in Latvia are quite demanded services, although people are not in a hurry to use legal services, they become relevant only in certain life situations. Throughout the life of the business, in the process of buying and selling, and in different life situations legal assistant in Latvia become more necessary.

Entrepreneurship in its essence requires entrepreneurs to conclude among themselves a wide range of contracts, in some way it ensures company’s successful operation. The conclusion of contracts is undoubtedly an act that deals with legal issues. But often, entrepreneurs believe that attracting professionals to contracts is unnecessary, which only adds extra costs.In a certain society, there is such an unwritten law that everyone is fully committed to at least three areas: politics, law, and medicine. But in the end, the outcome is not always the best one might be.

Let’s talk about business forms in Latvia. Most entrepreneurs prefer limited liability (SIA) or the stock companies (AS) with share capital. There are two forms of the stock company: private and public. A limited liability company is more manageable form to small and medium size businesses. Only a public stock company may offer its shares to the public. Foreigners who want to start a business in Latvia also prefer this form of business. There are no restrictions on the ownership of Latvian companies by foreigners. In some cases, the decision to expand into Latvia may be realized without actually having the foreign business entity carrying on business in Latvia.

What foreigners have to do? Firstly they have to get information about business forms in Latvia, political situation, current taxes and of course they have to create a good relationship with a lawyer in Latvia, which will help in legal issues.

Law office in Latvia – Rasa and Ešenvalds

The law office “Rasa and Ešenvalds” lawyers believe that legal aid in Latvia to certain cases is a savior. If a client trusts the lawyer then he will turn to him for help if he does not – he won’t. Lately, complex legal services in Latvia has become very popular among entrepreneurs. The law office offers complex legal services, also a wide range of legal assistance both in Latvia and abroad. Since Latvia’s membership in the EU, complex legal services are in demand. Many companies and entrepreneurs started to work with foreign partners, also a lot of problems and questions arise and they like to solve their problems without leaving their office in Latvia.

When the company has been set up the entrepreneur might need additional services, such as legal and accounting services, trademark registration, warehouses and industrial premises, assistance in obtaining any permits or licenses, assistance in human resources and other services. Owing to our experience we can provide a client with practically all kinds of services. The most popular service for companies is drafting different kinds of agreements, to protect our client’s interests. Agreements, like cooperation agreements, loan agreements, supply agreements, purchase agreements, contractor agreements, pledge agreements, as well as employment agreements. It involves analysis of the agreements not only from the point of view of the law but also from the standpoint of the interests of the client.

Legal assistance for entrepreneurs

Our legal office in Latvia provides high-quality legal assistance to those willing to set up business and also for those who already have a business. We will help to create and develop a successful company with legally correct papers and provide legal advice. When the company has already been set up and business is running smoothly it is important to take care of its safety.

The law office “Rasa and Ešenvalds”- is a law office in Latvia, which offers the provision of high-quality legal services in court proceedings in Latvia as well as in international arbitrations and the Court of Justice of the European Union. By choosing lawyers at law Rasa & Ešenvalds you will get a selfless commitment and legal representation appropriate to your needs and more.

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