Attorney at Law Armands Rasa

Attorney at Law Armands Rasa already gained his initial experience in 2004 when he was employed by a law office, but in the years since he has gained extensive competence and knowledge as lawyer in both the private and public sectors, specializing in litigations and insolvency proceedings (Certified Administrator since 14 November 2007).
In addition to the MA degree in law from the University of Latvia, Armands has also obtained an MBA degree from Riga Technical University. The latter is especially useful at present to understand the intentions, challenges and needs of entrepreneurs and to work with commercial law issues more productively, helping to reduce or minimise the legal or commercial risks of business-related decisions.
On 3 September 2012 Attorney at Law Armands Rasa was included in the list of valuers of property contributions representing the following valuation areas: Technological Equipment, Vehicles, Agricultural Equipment, Intellectual Property, Commercial Activity (Business), Forests, Antiquities and Art Objects.
According to himself, lawyer most valuable experience to date has been in the representation of Dita Danosa, a pregnant employee and a Board Member at the Court of Justice of the European Union, in relation to a labour dispute between this client and the company LLC LKB Līzings in 2010: “This was the very first civil case from Latvia in the Court of Justice of the European Union and the first clarifying judgment on this precise topic. The achievement here was in the possibility of providing a valuable leading case for the entire judicial system of the country.”

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