Legal services

Representation of the patient’s rights in courts

It is not always possible to resolve conflict situations by mutual agreement of the involved parties; therefore, our law offices ensure quality and timely legal assistance in various forms of court proceedings and effective representation of the patient rights in Latvian courts, international arbitrations and also in the Court of Justice of the European Union.
We specialise in:

  • Commercial disputes;
  • Disputes involving rights in rem;
  • Disputes regarding rights in personam;
  • Events of insurance disputes;
  • Labour dispute cases;
  • Disputes in insolvency proceedings;
  • Vessel arrest and maritime claims;
  • Tax disputes;
  • Public procurement issues.

Litigation, for the most part, is a long-lasting and exhaustive process, the successful outcome of which is determined by tactics that have been correctly chosen right from the start; and therefore, we offer a tailored approach to each patient to be able to ensure the careful and effective protection of its interests.

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